Bitcoin Dice (Full Guide)

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The classic Plinko game has also a crypto version, keeping the basic rules. The game with random numbers has simple actions. A ball is thrown into the pyramid, inside which there is an ornate maze. It falls into one of the sectors with a numerical quantity. The specified number will be the next multiplier. Each slot is marked with a color to indicate the level of risk. In the middle there are safe sectors that allow a player to win a small sum or lose not so much money. On the sides are the most profitable parts. In the online version, the bet parameters and the difficulty level can be selected by the player by clicking the button. The main thing is that this game is completely based on probability theory, so it is fair. To be sure in such information, a special blockchain algorithm is used. It generates and encrypts the key. This is sent to the player to check the result by comparing numerical indicators. The online Bitcoin Dice game is based on the same principle.


The beginning for the development of online Dice games was the Plinko project from developer BGaming. It currently gets into almost every Bitcoin Dice review. The idea first appeared in the show “The Price is Right”, which was released in January 1983 in the US and required participants to guess the prices of goods. The main prize was $50,000, and there were also smaller prizes. Over time, the size of the base reward had been constantly increasing.


Online Bitcoin Dice games are simple with respect to their rules, but they have some nuances. The player makes a number or a combination of numbers, makes a bet, and then one can only hope for luck. The larger the numerical range and multiplier, the greater the chances of winning. At the same time, the initial conditions are completely controlled by the player. In most online casinos, it is suggested to use a special slider that regulates the basic positions. There is not only an element of chance, but also a logical aspect in the game. A gambler can figure out the prospects of a successful outcome using certain strategies.


The rules of playing online Dice are simple. It is necessary to make a wager on a number or several numbers that can win, and roll the Dice, waiting for the result. Experienced players often use Bitcoin Dice auto mode so that the system performs the roll for them. This approach allows you to speed up the game process and increase the number of rounds. With the help of autobet, you can make the appropriate settings of parameters such as bet type, number of rolls, probability of winning. You can also set specific conditions for the strategy. Both options are fair.


There are many strategies that allow you to win at casino Bitcoin dice. Let’s look at slightly less popular gambling strategies.

  • D’Alembert Strategy – the gambler reduces and increases the bet by adding the sum of bets that were at the previous stages. This happens in case of losses. When winning, you need to subtract the initial number from the current bet.

  • Break-Even Martingale Strategy, unlike the classic combination, increases the chances of winning. The initial number can be doubled only after the player fails twice. If you win, you will be able to return the funds lost at the initial levels.

  • Hybrid Dice Strategy implies a combination of several strategies at once.


Most of the top Bitcoin dice games are based on identifying patterns. Over time, each player develops own combinations that can only work for him. At the same time, each subsequent throw may not correspond to the specified sequence, which automatically makes the result random. One of the popular strategies is to use a combination of bets 1,3,2,6. If the player wins, then the further bet must be increased three times. If you win again, the bet should be doubled. The maximum possible number may be used on the last step. As soon as the player starts to lose, it is necessary to immediately return the first wager.


This strategy allows you to make sure that Bitcoin gambling facts are not lying. With the use of this technique, winning is really possible, and the probability is high. Firstly, this is achieved by gradually increasing the rates. After winning, the bet can be increased several times (doubled). Each bid is higher than the previous one. The goal of the bettor is to achieve three wins in a row. If a player fails, it is also recommended to make three losing games in the series. A true advantage can be considered that the player independently regulates the size of the base bet and controls it.


Martingale Strategy seems to be the most advantageous behavior for many players. After each loss, the bettor doubles the previous wager. The Bitcoin dice free version is well suited for testing this strategy because the winnings may never happen, which can ruin the user. Some sites limit the duration of the game and the maximum amount. These restrictions may also prevent you from winning. Therefore, such combinations are most beneficial to experienced players with large sums, the loss of which is insignificant for them. This principle requires a lot of responsibility from the gambler therefore it belongs to one of the risky strategies.


Inverse Martingale Strategy is considered by most players as the best Bitcoin casino Dice option, as it has an average degree of risk. When a player loses a certain amount, he returns the previous bet. This prevents you from losing too much money. With each win, the player has the right to double the wagers. Thus, even in the case of an unsuccessful roll, half of the winnings still remain with the bettor. There are two variations of this approach:

  • Capped: when after a certain number of wins, the bet returns to its previous value;

  • Uncapped: restrictions are imposed only on the amount of bankroll.


Variations of the BTC dice game have several advantages. If an online casino has a license, you don’t have to worry about the publisher’s honesty. Such systems use random number generators, so you can test different variants of Bitcoin betting methods Dice to check your own strategies. Most services offer their funds as a bonus so that the player can use the demo version of the game. Financial transactions for withdrawal and replenishment are carried out almost instantly and either do not require a commission, or they are minimal. The main thing is that the player retains the privacy. Another advantage of using Bitcoins in gambling is the possibility of using this cryptocurrency almost anywhere.


All online casinos use Bitcoin Dice gambling software, which must be legal. Some services use fraudulent schemes, embedding in the source code of the program and trying to change the course of the game. So, the player has no chance to win, so you need to make inquiries. Fair services conclude direct agreements with providers publishing relevant information on their resources. At the same time, there are specialized supervisory authorities that control the activities of gambling on the Internet. When violations are detected, companies are blacklisted. When the user gets an access a third-party server instead of a provider, this is also an indicator of a fishy project.


All online Bitcoin betting Dice games belong to the category of gambling and are regulated by law. Therefore, when registering on the casino’s website, you must enter your name and date of birth in your personal account, indicating your email address. This is necessary in order to make sure that the player has reached adulthood. Otherwise, the player remains completely anonymous. All operations, starting from the purchase of cryptocurrencies and ending with amazing winnings, remain secret. However, if the crypto wallet is tied to a certain person, information about transfers can be found using special software. Thus, we can say that anonymity in online dice tournaments is partial.


In most gambling dice games Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, Doge, BNB and other cryptocurrencies are used to deposit the account. In particular, various sites set up so-called faucets. This option gives the user a certain amount of BTC and allows spending it on the demo mode of any game, testing the functionality of each strategy without spending the own funds. This approach also allows the user to feel the taste of the game and not go broke. If you need to get some money, you just need to activate the “rain” mode. Rewards can sometimes be shared with linked accounts. The offered sums of cryptocurrencies on different sites varies.


Dice is an ancient gambling game that is loved by players all over the world. Its main advantages are simplicity and high chances of winning. However, it is still necessary to remain vigilant. Bitcoin Dice differ little from the traditional game in a real casino, as it applies the same rules (based on bets and coefficients), but a computer program is responsible for the element of randomness in this case. There are three basic game types:

  • Common;

  • Craps;

  • Chuck-A-Luck;

  • Sic Bo.

They differ in the principles of betting and the number of dice. BTC Dice is held not only in online format, but also in streaming mode. To increase the chances of winning, players use several basic strategies. Among them are:

  • 1-3-2-6;

  • Paroli;

  • Martingale (with variations);

  • D’Alembert.

Many people prefer online gambling due to the fact that cryptocurrency allows you to maintain privacy and withdraw winnings with maximum benefit. In addition, many casinos give bonuses and make special offers. It is difficult to find out which game is better than others. To find out which option suits you, you need to study at least one Bitcoin Dice review, which includes a selection of several services. You also need to check the legality of the chosen online casino.


Many beginners are mainly concerned about the probability of winning, the profitable dice strategy Bitcoin reward and organizational issues such as account replenishment. For example, online casinos set minimum limits for games, but they give welcome bonuses and offer a certain number of free rolls. Next, we will deal with such details.
One of the indicators of the provably fair Bitcoin Dice game is the opportunity of receiving various prizes and rewards that can be spent on subsequent rolls. However, such options are not available in all countries, so it is important to take into account the specifics of using a site that conducts such campaigns.

To choose a gambling site that is trustworthy, you need to check several parameters.

  • The legal software.
  • The presence of a gambling license from regulatory authorities, for example, the Gambling Commission.

It is also essential to check:

  • a variety of games;
  • deposit and cash out terms;
  • round-the-clock tech support;
  • reviews from reputable sources.
Xposed is the gambler and the streamer. Thus, he earns by streaming his gambling sessions. He streams all the way he plays slots or live blackjack while thousands of followers from all over the world watch his streams, donate to him, and buy paid subscriptions. Other ways to make money on his activity are ads on videos and monetized views on YouTube.
Yes, payment data remains totally private, and funds are not taxed. The user’s geolocation is not tracked by the services, so payments are available from almost any country. To make transactions, you only need to enter a nickname and come up with a password for your account. No personal information is required to be entered.
Beginners are given the opportunity to play Dice for free with BTC bonuses. The amount on the demo account is usually not high enough to play with it regularly, but it is enough to correctly assess the potentiality of the project. There are also Bitcoin Dice faucets that can be used periodically to replenish the account.