Full Bio of Xposed (Casino Streamer)

In which casinos does Xposed play?

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Every industry has its celebrities. In online gambling, players enjoy watching experienced and successful streamers play games and win huge jackpots. Thus, vaping gained popularity. Many casino players broadcast their gaming sessions. Xposed is one such famous streamer. Here we will find out all the details and pitfalls of the biography and gambling career of a celebrity. Watch the blogger play Plinko and other gambling games live.


Xposed is a nickname of a famous casino player who streams his gambling sessions on Twitch and has a huge audience of fans and followers. He started his streaming career 7 years ago. Over this period, he has streamed hundreds of game sessions. His activity is mainly based on playing casino games. His name is rather famous in the gambling industry. Over his career, he has streamed 800 broadcasts. He plays daily and pleases followers with exciting sessions. First of all, we note that Xposed is a high roller. Thus, he makes huge bets, starting from $100. Let’s see how you can find the streamer on social networks.


In addition, the streamer has the Xposed website. This is an online store where the gambler sells his Merch and clothes with his logo. You can get acquainted with the available collection on the website xposedstore.com. The streamer is registered on all popular social networks and allows its fans to follow him on any, most convenient platform. Yet, the content is similar on all portals. Thus, it is enough to pick a preferable platform and subscribe to stay tuned and not miss important highlights. If you follow Xposed on two networks, this is enough to keep up with the latest news. Twitch stays the main arena for streaming where all gambling sessions are held. Thus, fans should obligatorily follow the gambler on Twitch to watch broadcasts. The second one is variable; it can be Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, where news and highlights are announced.


The Xposed Twitch net worth for August 2022 totals $638,320. The gambler earns on casino streaming. Thus, the two main platforms for earning are Twitch and YouTube. Let’s see more precisely what the player makes money on. The streamer uses four channels for earning on Twitch, namely:
  1. Donations..
  2. Advertisements.
  3. Subscriptions.
  4. Sponsorships.

The social platform offers 3 kinds of paid subscriptions.

The subscription cost ranges from $4.99 for 1-tier users up to $24.99 for 3-tier followers. Depending on the subscription type, users have various perks and functionalities. The system takes 30% of earnings from subscriptions, while the rest (70%) is Xposed’s profit. Another share of Xposed Twitch profit is advertising which costs about $10 for 1.000 viewers. Finally, fans donate money during streams to encourage the gambler. Fans should tip $10 to show donations on stream and $25 for text to speach. YouTube is another channel for income for a famous streamer. He launched the channel 5 years ago and has uploaded about 810 videos by now. Here, the steamer earns from advertising and monetized views. Xposed earns $2-$12 per 1000 monetized views (which are 40%-80% of all views on the channel). The size of income is influenced by many factors, such as the time of viewing, the device used, the number of ads in a video, etc. Ads are another tool to profit from YouTube. The minimum cost of the ads is $0.01 per view. The exact cost of the ads is determined by an auction between advertisers. Another way to earn is to get YouTube Red subscribers who buy Premium Subscriptions to get access to exclusive material or watch videos without ads. According to approximate estimates, the streamer makes the following money on his YouTube channel. He earns about $928 daily, $6.500 weekly, and almost $32.000 monthly. Thus, it is easy to calculate that his yearly net profit from the YouTube channel is about $397.000.


Now, let’s proceed to the hugest jackpots hit by the player. We’ll tell you about the biggest prize pools won by the player throughout his gambling career. But to begin with, note that the gambler prefers playing slot machines and live card games. In most cases, he chooses the games of Pragmatic Play. He likes the software of this brand due to its mechanics, volatility, and gameplay features. When playing live dealer games, he prefers blackjack or crazy time by Evolution Gaming.

  1. $4,718,280 on Hot Fiesta by Pragmatic Play

    Hot Fiesta has been marked as the game in which the Xposed biggest win was got. The streamer hit this jackpot before the New Year; so, it was a good gift for the holiday. The gambler got 25 free spins. The bet size was $1,400. Further, they won another 27 free spins. The game session was very fruitful, and the gambler won almost $5,000,000.

  2. $3,956,400 on New Outlaws Inc by Hacksaw Gaming

    The gambler streams with friends. Xposed played with BTC and betted $400. During the first spin, he won another 2 free spins. As the game developed, the gambler increased multipliers to 15504x and reached the limit for the maximum win in a round. Thus, he won the maximum allowed prize pool of $3,956,400. This jackpot was won just a month ago. So, this is the latest huge win for the gambler..

  3. $1,000,000 on Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

    Xposed plays not only slot machines. He also likes to play blackjack with live dealers. The biggest Xposed blackjack win was gained just a few months ago, in May 2022. He played Salon Prive Blackjack with a male croupier. He entered the game with a bankroll of $514,953 and made a bet of $165. In the course of the game session, he managed to double his bankroll.

  4. $502,271 on Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

    It was a 3-day challenge. The streamer played Salon Prive Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. He played with a male dealer on the first day. His bankroll was $50,723 at the beginning and he started the game session with a $40,000 bet. The first gambling day lasted with a +$115,000 profit. The second day of the session started with a bankroll of $113,661. That day, Xposed played with a female croupier. The player made a $57,500 bet. During the game, he doubled the bet and lost the round. So, the second day was a complete loss of all funds. Despite the loss, the streamer continued the challenge and went to the third day with a new bankroll of $612,729. He was cheerful and optimistic that day. He had a series of wins and left the game with a bankroll of $1,000. Thus, his profit was $387,271. The total sum of won funds for 3 days was $502,271, which was one of the most significant wins in the card game. Despite a nasty loss, the player managed to multiply his bankroll.

  5. $172,981 on Gems Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

    Gems Bonanza from Pragmatic Play has become one of the favorite Xposed slots because he won over $170,000 in the game. Let’s see how it was. The gambler started the game with a $125 bet. Then, he reduced the bet size to $80 and bought the “Gold Fever” bonus round for $8,000. An auto game started. Further, he again lowered the bet size to $60 and bought another bonus play. Then again, he raised the bet size to $125 and bought another bonus round for $12.500. That’s where luck was waiting for him. Finally, his win was $172,981. Xposed was very happy; he screamed and danced in front of the camera. In most cases, Xposed plays for dollars. However, on streams, you can often see how a blogger uses cryptocurrency. This is the most optimal way to replenish the balance in many online casinos. Therefore, the streamer prefers to make a deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC.


As for the streamer’s personality, his real name is Cody Burnett. The gambler is from Canada and lives in Ontario. This year, he celebrated his 26-year birthday. When he was a child, he played ice hockey and was a fan of baseball. He is married to Shania. They have been together since adolescence. This year (July 2022), they celebrated a 10-year marriage anniversary. Sweethearts bring up a lovely son named Linkin. The streamer is open toward his private life and is not afraid of sharing his photos on his personal profile. However, note that the streamer has separate profiles for private life and streaming. His gambling career started when he was just 8 years old. He played computer games and was involved in e-sports. His dream from childhood was to entertain other people and bring joy. When he started his gambling and streaming career, he was not certain about the purpose. Nowadays, he proves that his dream has come true. Today, he entertains thousands of fans by providing them with sincere emotions and excitement from the gambling process.


Although there are rumors about Xposed fake gambling, the streamer tries to act honestly and be sincere with his fans. He holds draws among subscribers and grants lucky fans with worthy gifts. However, fate played a cruel joke with the gambler when he wanted to show his trustworthiness and unbiasedness. Trying to show his noble message, he was banned as a result. Let’s see why and how this happened with such a famous streamer. Xposed held a Christmas Giveaway and raffled such gifts as an Apple watch, his branded Merch, money, a scurf controller, and some others. He wanted to stream the drawing process while a randomizer chose winners. He selected the Gleam platform to determine winners. It was his first experience on the portal, and the steamer didn’t actually know how the service worked. This was his fatal mistake. It turned out that the platform displayed the personal data (email, full name, location) of giveaway participants during the draw. Since Xposed streamed this process, he distributed all the personal data of giveaway participants on his Twitch account, which contradicts the portal’s Privacy Policy. He noticed this and deleted the video. However, it was too late, and he was banned for a month on Twitch. The streamer recognized his mistake, apologized to subscribers, and put up with a monthly ban. According to his words, that month was too hard since he could not earn as he used to. He was worried about losing his fans and followers. However, the most dedicated subscribers stayed with him.


Xposed is a 26-year streamer from Canada. Cody Burnett (his real name) is a happy man who does what he likes and earns money on this. Xposed gambling is exciting, thrilling, and full of sincere emotions. This is why he wins the hearts of fans. He’s not afraid of showing frank emotions, screaming, dancing, fooling around, etc. His audience of followers totals 516.000 users. They watch their streams, cheer for him, and donate. The main source of earnings for the player is donations during streams, advertising, shares from subscriptions, and monetized views. The player has accounts on all popular social networks, so fans can follow him on any website.


The streamer is from Canada, Ontario.
Xposed is the gambler and the streamer. Thus, he earns by streaming his gambling sessions. He streams all the way he plays slots or live blackjack while thousands of followers from all over the world watch his streams, donate to him, and buy paid subscriptions. Other ways to make money on his activity are ads on videos and monetized views on YouTube.
The steamer was born in 1996. Thus, this year he celebrated his 26-year birthday.
Cody Burnett is the real name of the streamer with the Xposed nickname.
The height of Cody Burnett is 5 feet 9 inches.