Full Bio of LetsGiveItASpin (Casino Streamer)

In which casinos does LetsGiveItASpin play?

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LetsGiveItASpin is a popular casino streamer who became famous thanks to his charisma and openness to the public. He is mainly involved in playing slots and Plinko now but before this, he loved to deal with poker too. His way to success was not too easy but it was a lot of fun. LetsGiveItASpin has his account on many common social networks. Therefore, the audience can reach him in many spots and get to know more about him. If you are willing to learn more about him, continue reading this article! Our material is about to be really useful for those who plan to acquire some basic skills to become a casino streamer too. If you are one of these people, we will be glad to introduce the info given here to you. And, reading our article will be a great idea for those who would like to learn more about the world of streaming and casinos in particular. The matter is that the more streams you watch, the more cool skills you might get! And watching LetsGiveItASpin is not an exception either. That is why we strongly advise you to read everything suggested here!


As we have already mentioned, we are going to tell you about LetsGiveItASpin who is one of the coolest casino streamers. He is not only fond of slots but loves betting too. He is thought to be a veteran of the industry as long as he started back in 2015. He did not upload too many videos at the beginning. That is why he did not become popular at once. If you wonder about his streams, he is mostly involved in them on Twitch. That is why such a Google phrase as LetsGiveItASpin Twitch is rather relevant today. One of the most beloved games of Streamer is Plinko. In it, he often earns large winnings.


LetsGiveItASpin has his own website too! Feel free to get acquainted with the casinos he plays (the list of them is rather relevant and you can also go through the Terms and Conditions) at and take a look at the shopping section given to you. you are very likely to find something really cool there!


LetsGiveItASpin estimated earnings are a matter that interests a lot of his true fans. Actually, it is really hard to give exact numbers as long as the assets, donations, and this kind of stuff is not available to the public. However, there is still some data accessible that can describe LetsGiveItASpin net worth. Well, in 2017 LetsGiveItASpin and his partners managed to earn as much as 3,000,000 euros. This was the result of a deal of selling 51% of CasinoGrounds United AB (CasinoGrounds was introduced as a forum for gambling enthusiasts). Sounds impressive, right? But this is not the only case to mention. In 2018, LetsGiveItASpin and the partners made a profit of about 1,600,000 dollars. And certainly, we are ready to suggest the info about his earnings obtained by means of playing the casino slots. Follow below to learn more!


Well, first of all, we are eager to cover three of the greatest wins and then tell you about the other ones. Let’s begin!

  • The most relevant win ever that belongs to LetsGiveItASpin is earning 24,000 euros on Razor Shark. This grand event took place on August 26, 2019. By the way, Razor Shark is a slot made by Push Gaming. Its RTP is 96.7%. LetsGiveItASpin was extremely happy when he saw his winnings. It was really cool and impressive!

  • The next win to mention is 14,000x one that became possible thanks to playing Bonanza. This cool thing happened to LetsGiveItASpin on April 10, 2017. This is a rather fun game from Big Time Gaming with RTP that equals 96%.

  • And the third big win is making 7,000 euros in two minutes on Dreamcatcher. The date of this awesome win is March 20, 2020. The developer of the game is Evolution Gaming, and its RTP is 96.58%.

Another cool win he managed to get was linked to playing Deadwood (4704x). And, we shouldn’t forget about 1 Million Megaways BC (5785x) too! So, this is what his greatest winnings look like. Also LetsGiveItASpin plays Plinko quite often. You too can try your luck by depositing with BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC.


Well, not much is known about the personal life of LetsGiveItASpin. But as long as he is a rather handsome guy, we can conclude that he is surrounded by the attention of the fans for sure. His real name is Kim and if we take a look at his account on Instagram, we will be able to see that he leads quite an active and colorful life. He manages not only to play casino stuff and be involved in streaming linked to this but also devote some time to meeting his good friends. What is more, he has quite a few hobbies. They are as follows: traveling, reading, photography, learning new stuff, and internet surfing. LetsGiveItASpin is an open-minded and outgoing person. This is what makes him so loved by his audience. And we bet that he is going to succeed even more in the future!


LetsGiveItASpin fake is one of the search phrases that occasionally appear on the Net. This is what you should know for sure: LetsGiveItASpin is a player who plays for his own funds and he hasn’t been caught cheating. It’s really hard to imagine him doing such stuff. LetsGiveItASpin banned is another matter that might interest the fans of this casino streamer. Well, there was a problem with Twitch but now everything is okay. It means that you can keep watching his streams and enjoy them as much as possible! Certainly, we realize that there might be a lot of rumors around such a right personality as LetsGiveItASpin. But in many cases, they are not connected with the real truth at all. That is why we would advise you not to believe everything you hear. This is a really cool streamer who is rather open about most of the things he does.


We hope that we managed to give you fulfilling info about LetsGiveItASpin. As we can judge from his example, he is really active and open to the public. This is why the people love him so much. LetsGiveItASpin is an outstanding personality who tries to be closer to people he interacts with. Besides, he has a genuine interest in casinos and slots in particular. And, he is not afraid to communicate with the public. It means that anyone who has enough passion for what he likes can become popular. If you are a big fan of the casino stuff, you are also likely to succeed. Just have a clear plan of what you are going to do and try to draw people’s attention by including something unique into your streams. And, everything will be alright! What is more, you can learn a lot of useful stuff about playing the casino slots if you keep watching LetsGiveItASpin. And, another cool aspect about this is as follows: by watching these streams you can become more confident and also manage to win nice cash by playing casino slots just as LetsGiveItASpin did.


Do you have some other questions about LetsGiveItASpin? We have prepared some stuff that also might be interesting for you. We have tried to gather only the most relevant and curious data. Let’s see what we mean then and read what we have prepared for you.
The fans of this cool casino streamer often wish to know where is LetsGiveItASpin from. And, we are ready to answer this! Well, he is from Sweden. He was born in a small town there. But as you can see, he managed to become as successful as he is now!
Well, there are a few ways that can be listed. First of all, his earnings became possible thanks to his CasinoGrounds project. Second, the incredible wins at some of the casino slots also brought him a lot of money and fame at the same time. Besides, he advertises casino platforms and gets paid for this.
There is no exact data about this. However, we can conclude that he is around thirty years old. No accurate data about his age is given on the Net. You can make your own conclusions by entering his Instagram account.
The real name of LetsGiveItASpin is Kim Hultman. At the same time, you are not going to find the mentioning of his real name on the Net too often. He is mostly described as LetsGiveitASpin. You are likely to find mentioning of Kim and his partners together.
There is no exact data about this detail of his personality. However, if we take a look at the account of LetsGiveItASpin on Instagram, we will be able to see that he is of medium height. And, he is rather plump too