Full Bio of MarkoLASSO (Casino Streamer)

In which casinos does MarkoLASSO play?

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Gamblers like to watch streaming casino games. They cheer for their favorite players, adopt new strategies and skills, and learn how to play. That is why streaming is a popular kind of activity that brings money to streamers and joy to followers. Here, we’re going to find out who MarkoLASSO is. This name is well-known in the gambling world. However, there is a mystery associated with the player. He knows little about his biography, but tens of thousands of representatives from different countries watch his bets in Plinko and other gambling games.


MarkoLASSO is a nickname of a famous casino streamer. He started his path in the streaming world as part of the ClassyBeef Family but later he left the group and continued the streaming career on his own. Although he was rather young and new to the streaming world, he quickly gained popularity and won the hearts of fans. One of the main features of his streams is a high quality of streaming. This is why fans like his streams and are eager to follow him. Many subscribers that his streams are of excellent quality. Moreover, content is not just entertaining but also useful. Players can master new skills, try his strategies, and find out new techniques during his streams. Also, note that the streamer interacts with an audience very actively. He always greets viewers, talks with them, answers questions, and creates a friendly and amusing atmosphere during streams. However, before we switch to the streamer’s social media, let us make an important remark. Nowadays, if you enter the nickname, you won’t find the gambler on social networks. Many ask what happened to MarkoLASSO. Some fans thought that he quit streaming. He was absent for a long time. Further, he deleted all the videos of his streams, and simply disappeared from the radar of his followers. But recently, he returned with an updated nickname and approach. So, nowadays the gambler acts under the “LassoArmy” nickname.


Like for any other streamer, Twitch and YouTube are the main channels for earning money. LassoArmy uses both of them. In Twitch, he gains money via the following means:
  • donations during live streams. For example, if you want the streamer to greet you, you should pay 1 euro. If you want to get an answer to a question, you should donate more (up to 10 euros). Also, followers donate to encourage the streamer and urge him to play longer.
  • percentage from subscriptions. 4 types of subscriptions are sold on Twitch. Depending on the needed unlocked functionalities, users buy subscriptions. Streamers get 70% of the subscription cost while the system takes just 30%.
  • the streamer plays games at particular online casinos. Usually, these are partnering gambling portals. He also gets a percentage for sponsorship from these casinos.
According to this algorithm, approximate estimates (a conservative method) show that his monthly income on Twitch is about 20,000-25,000 euros. YouTube is another way to earn money. Here, he profits from the views of monetized videos. When the stream is finished, the player uploads its record on his YouTube channel and monetizes it. Thus, he gets from 1 to 10 euros for each view of such videos. The size of the reward depends on various factors, such as geo location, time, and others. The revenues from his YouTube videos are about 5,000-10,000 euros per month. So, the total earnings on the streaming activity are 25,000-36,000 per month. These are conservative estimates. In practice, these figures can be almost doubled. Do not forget to add his winnings from gambling sessions to this sum.


The gambler prefers playing slots but does not have a favorite software developer. He tries diverse games. The player is fond of testing new software. When playing newly released slots, he makes comments on features, functionalities, and gameplay, which is why his streams are very useful and informative for other gamblers. Yet, let’s analyze what slot machines were especially generous toward the streamer and gave him a fortune.

  1. 21,083 euros on the Reactoonz 2 slot by Play’n GO

    The gambler hit the jackpot on the release date of the slot machine. He just wanted to test new software as he usually did. He entered the game with a 20-euro bet. First spins were not very profitable. Marco interacted with his fans, answered their questions, and felt quite relaxed. But suddenly, he got a series of extra spins with generous multipliers. As a result, he multiplied his bet by 1054x. It was the most profitable test day among new software for the player.

  2. 11,051 euros on the Fat Santa slot by Push Gaming

    When the gambler started to play the game, he had a tiny bankroll of just 7.40 euros. So, he betted 0,50 euros as an initial stake. Further, he raised the bet size to 4 euros. His game session lasted for about 10-15 minutes. As a result, he multiplied his bet by 736x.

  3. 10,087 euros on the Ancient Egypt Classic slot by Pragmatic Play

    This game session was quite quick. The gambler didn’t even feel the sense of the game and didn’t have time to realize his luck. He entered the game with a 10-euro bet and multiplied his bet by 2017x. Just 10 free spins were enough to win more than 10,000 euros.

  4. 6,415 euros on the Gate of Olympus slot by Pragmatic Play

    The streamer started the game by betting just 5 euros. He made just several spins and got a huge multiplier. Thus, he multiplied his investment by 1283x and won almost 6,500 euros in just a few minutes.

  5. 3.659 euros on the Rocket Pot slot by NoLimit City

    The gambler betted just 1 euro. The fourth spin becomes a lucky one. Marko hits the prize pool and multiplies his bet by 3684x. As you see, the gambler is not a high roller. He makes small bets but manages to win huge prizes. So, his strategy can be used by many newbies. That is why many players prefer to watch his streams to learn new skills. MarcoLASSO plays with its own money and in most cases uses cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC.


Marco is the real name of the gambler. He is a Swedish player who currently lives in Malta. He’s a sociable, open-minded, and positive-thinking person. He is about 30 years old and has a girlfriend. Unlike other streamers who post exclusively info about gambling, streams, and insane wins, Lasso does not try to hide his private life. Followers of his Instagram account can see videos and photos of his personal life. He posts content with his friends and family, from traveling and everyday life.


There are rumors that MarkoLASSO quit streaming. This is due to the fact that he deleted accounts and disappeared from all social networks. Fans couldn’t understand where is MarkoLASSO. However, lately, he returned with a new nickname. So, it turned out that the streamer changed his nickname and logo. Yet, this step caused a loss of a great number of fans. His new account and brand called LassoArmy were also active for a few years. Yet, the last post on Instagram was dated July 2021. So, he hasn’t posted anything about his streaming career and private life for a year. Nothing is known about his career and life since that time. Fans regret that the gambler left them twice and hope that he will return again soon. They enjoyed his activity due to his friendliness, sociability, gambling strategy, and the highest quality of streaming.


MarcoLASSO is a famous Swedish streamer who started his activity as a gambler of the ClassyBeef Family. Further, he decided to work alone and was quite successful. Fans admit a high quality of streaming. The gambler prefers to make small bets, which is why he attracts newbies who try to imitate his manner of gambling. He is a sociable and friendly person. However, sometimes he disappears for months or more. So, his fans can’t understand whether he quit streaming.


The streamer was born in Sweden. But nowadays, he lives in Malta.
He has been interested in gambling since he was a teenager. As a gambler, he became part of the ClassyBeef crew and gambled and streamed with them. Later, he went solo swimming and started his own streaming career. Currently, he gains money from gambling and streaming. However, sometimes he disappears on social networks but later comes back and continues streaming.
The gambler is quite young. However, it is not known exactly how old he is. Judging visually by his appearance, he is about 30-33 years old.
Marko is the real name of the streamer with the “MarcoLASSO” and “LassoArmy” nicknames.
Generally, the streamer has an average height. He is about 6 feet 1.6 inches tall.