Full Bio of Jarttu84 (Casino Streamer)

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Streaming is a new kind of entertainment around the world. Thousands of people like watching streams of traveling, playing musical instruments, cooking, or whatever. Thus, there is no wonder that gambling streaming is also popular. Moreover, streaming casino games is useful since newbies can watch and learn how to play games (slots), and find out gameplay features and functionalities. So, this article is devoted to one of the most famous world streamers in the gambling sphere. We’re going to talk about a streamer with the “Jarttu84 ” nickname. On his live broadcasts, the blogger plays Plinko and many other gambling games.


Jarttu84 is a famous European streamer from Estonia. While his gambling career totals over 13 years, he started steaming about 6 years ago. Over this period, the gambler has managed to win the hearts of players from all over the world and got a wide army of followers. The gambler mainly specializes in playing slot machines. His worth is over 20,000 monthly.


Finally, the streamer has his own website www.jarttu84.com, on which he makes reviews of online casinos, as well as slots and other gambling software. He also writes articles on gambling topics, provides visitors with exclusive bonuses for playing particular casinos, arranges giveaways with generous prizes, and holds different kinds of competitions. Website visitors can chat on the forum and discuss topical issues about gambling. Note that the player also has a Discord community and a TikTok account. So, Jarttu84 provides a lot of opportunities to follow his life and career. Fans can choose the most suitable social media to keep up with the latest news and monitor the gambler’s activity.


The streamer does not publicize his earnings on the streaming activity. So, there is no clear sum; we can only make approximate estimates. Like all other streamers, Jarttu84 uses YouTube and Twitch as the main sources of income. The greater share of Jarttu84 net worth comes from Twitch. Here, the next common ways to gain money exist:
  • donations of fans and viewers;
  • sponsorship;
  • a percentage of subscriptions.
Viewers usually donate during streams to draw the attention of the gambler, stand out from the crowd, and encourage the player. The streamer sets from 1 to 100 euros for mentioning names, greeting users, and other actions. The most active fans donate up to 1,000 or even 2,000 euros per month. Additionally, note that Twitch offers paid subscriptions. Depending on the type of subscription, users can enjoy additional functionalities. According to the Twitch policy, the platform takes just 30% of the subscription cost, while 70% is left as the streamer’s earnings. Also, the gambler cooperates with several online casinos and gets a share for playing at them during streams. This serves as an excellent advertisement for gambling platforms. YouTube is another Web platform that allows earning money on video content. Here, monetization is the main way to get a profit. The player gets a certain amount of money (1-10 euros) for each view of each monetized video. The sum of money differs depending on many criteria, such as the time of watching, from what country users watch videos, etc. Over 1-2 thousand users watch videos. So, Jarttu84 earns 4,000-8,000 euros on average on monetized videos only (and this is a conservative estimate). Add here his wins in slots and other games, and we’ll get the Jarttu84 tulot being about 20,000-30,000 euros monthly. And this is a moderate scenario of his wins. If we take into account the below-mentioned wins, his net worth will rise several times.


To begin with, note that the streamer usually plays slots. He has no preferable software developers and tries games of different brands. However, on Fridays, he can switch to other kinds of gambling, such as LoL, Path of Exile, World of Tanks, StarCraft 2, Pubg, and Rust. He also plays card games sometimes or Plinko. Yet, the most significant wins were gained when playing different kinds of slot machines.

  1. 90,000 euros in the White Rabbit slot by BTG

    This game session was recognized as Jarttu84 big win. Even an article was written about this win. The jackpot was hit in 2008. The gambler buys a bonus game for 2,000 euros right from the beginning. The bonus round lasts for 22 minutes! As a result, the streamer hits an x45 multiplier and wins a huge sum of money. He hasn’t beaten his own record since that time.

  2. 75,675 euros in the Dead or Alive 2 slot by NetEnt

    This is a classic game for all gamblers. Every streamer has played at least once. For Jarttu84, the slot turned out to be very profitable. The software has an immersive atmosphere with corresponding symbols. The player bets 10 euros and starts spinning the reels. After a few spins, he manages to win 3,786 euros. He continues the game and wins a series of extra spins. During the bonus round, he increases his winning sum to 25,902 euros. Luck is favorable to him. By the end of the game session, his win reaches 75,675 euros.

  3. 35,170 euros in the Big Bamboo slot by Push Gaming

    This game session takes 13 minutes but the streamer takes a great stake from it. The gambler plays with 10 euros. One of the first spins gives him a series of 8 extra spins, during which the gambler wins 13,800 euros. Once the bonus round is finished, the main game continues, during which he wins another 21,370 euros. So, the total win exceeds 35,000 euros.

  4. 7,985 euros in the Hot Fiesta slot by Pragmatic Play

    The gambler starts the game with a 10-euro bet. During the first round, he wins additional prizes. Donkeys give him 15 free spins. The game session develops steadily. During the 3, 4, and 5 spins he gets 5 Wild Donkeys, which multiply his wins greatly. As a result, the gambler wins almost 8,000 euros in 3 minutes.

  5. 5,401 euros in the Dog House by Pragmatic Play

    Traditionally, the player starts the game by betting 10 euros. He has 35 auto free spins. Wild multipliers are provided on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. Additionally, he wins 15 extra spins. Although the first rounds of the bonus round are not very profitable, the last ones prepare a pleasant surprise for the streamer. Starting from the 10th spin, prizes augment drastically. So, the player manages to win several thousand euros during the last 4 spins. These are just some of the big wins. Apart from these 5 payouts, Jarttu84 gets serious money quite often. The blogger uses big stakes and often plays to the last cent. This is what interested thousands of viewers around the world. Most often, the streamer tops up the balance in cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC.


Although the streamer is open to its fans, very little information is known about his personal life. Basically, there is no mention of the real name of the gambler on the Web. Fans do not know his name. The only known facts are that the gambler is from Estonia. He is 38 years old. As for his family, he has Jarttu84 vaimo and a daughter. Sometimes, he posts photos with them on his Instagram page. However, no names or other private data about his family are available. The streamer lives in Tallinn but he travels a lot. He has visited different countries and continents around the world. Like a true gambler, the streamer has been to Las Vegas several times. He even presented trips to Las Vegas to the winners of his giveaways.


Some players claim that the streamer plays for Jarttu84 fake money. They say that online casinos give him money, and his task is to promote these online gambling platforms. However, fans claim that the player is sincere and does not cheat. However, note that in 2020, Jarttu84 banned two times. He was forbidden to stream videos for 7 days in both cases. The reason was his violation of the Twitch Terms & Conditions. These cases also became subject to rumors. Players said that the streamer is fake, unfair, and violates users’ rights. The gambler regularly holds giveaways and raffles on his official websites. Trips to Las Vegas, money, gadgets, and other worthy devices serve as prizes for participation. This activity is also frequently rumored. People say that the streamer is biased in determining winners. Yet, he uses random number generators to determine winners, which proves his trustworthiness. Still, fans like Jarttu84 and do not react to negative news in his regard.


Jarttu84 is a bright and famous name in the world of streaming and gambling. The gambler is not a young one but he charms fans with his skill to play games, expressing emotions and commenting on sessions. This is why followers watch his streams. The player stays in touch with followers and has accounts on most social networks. By following the streamer on a few networks, fans can be aware of all news, announcements, and changes. Like any other public person, Jarttu84 is subject to rumors. However, the player ignores all the news about him and stays dedicated to his activity. Moreover, he does not just entertain fans by streaming his game sessions. He holds regular giveaways and presents real gifts. As for the player’s personal life, actually, nothing is known. He tries to keep his family out of the attention of his fans.


He is a European streamer from Estonia who lives in Tallinn.
Jarttu84 was addicted to gambling since he was a teenager. Slot machines took him, and he spent lots of time spinning the reels of online slots. After some years, he started to stream his gambling sessions on Twitch and upload videos on YouTube. Nowadays, streaming and gambling are his main kinds of activities that bring him several dozen euros monthly.
Judging by his nickname, the gambler was born in 1984. So, he celebrated his 38-year anniversary in 2022.
The streamer does not reveal his real name and prefers to keep private information confidential. Thus, fans do not know Jarttu84 nimi.
The streamer is not very high; his height is average. He is 70 inches tall.