Full Bio of NickSlots (Casino Streamer)

In which casinos does NickSlots play?

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Streaming of casino games is very popular nowadays. However, do you know who are those legendary streamers who stood at the roots of the activity? Here, we’re going to introduce one of such players who has made a fortune on gambling and brought streaming to a wide mass. On live broadcasts, you can often see big Plinko bets and equally big payouts. Vivid emotions and worries about the result made the blogger one of the most popular among competitors.


NickSlots is a legend of the streaming world. The gambler was the first UK player who created a Twitch account and streamed game sessions. Nowadays, NickSlots is one of the richest and most recognizable gambling streamers. His streams gather thousands of users from all over the world. So, it’s no wonder that his popularity is worldwide, and he has fans from all over the globe. Moreover, he is a co-founder of CasinoGrounds.com. Also, the gambler is aimed at testing and introducing trusted and fair gambling portals to beginning players.


The gambler also has a website nickslots.com. Here, you’ll find a list of casinos where the streamer plays. Since the player is sponsored by 8 gambling websites, here, you’ll find info about these portals and be able to try their functionalities. Being a co-founder of the Casino Grounds portal, the player has also a lot of mentions about this project on the website.


While there is no exact data on NickSlots net worth, followers can easily calculate an approximate profit from streaming activity. Thus, according to a conservative estimate, the annual income of the gambler is at least $200,000 USD. But in practice, more realistic figures are closer to $370,000-$600,000 per year. The main sources of profit are accounts on Twitch and YouTube, as well as sponsorship. Making money on Twitch streams is possible via several means:
  • ads during streams;
  • donations;
  • subscriptions.
Advertising revenues for one stream bring about $150-200. If the gambler streams about 16 videos per month, we’ll get about $2,500-3,200 of a monthly profit. But do not forget that the lion’s share of Twitch revenues is received via viewer donations. It is difficult to calculate the size of profit. Usually, streamers earn 5 times more on donations than revenues from ads. Thus, it turns out to be $12,500-16,000 per month. If we add both figures, we’ll get the net profit of the Twitch account to be about $15,000-19,200. YouTube is another platform where NickSlots earn money. However, if compared to other steamers, Nick is not very proficient here. His videos are poorly monetized. Thus, his revenues from YouTube ads are tiny. According to estimates, he gets just $100-400 monthly. Finally, the streamer partners with 8 casinos that pay him for linking and affiliating. Also, being part of the Casino Grounds platform, he receives sponsorship income. When speaking about wealth, note that the player gives all the money gained from donations to charity. For example, the streamer gave $90,000 to charity in 2017.


As becomes clear from his nickname, NickSlots is mainly focused on playing slot machines. He does not have a clear favorite among software developers and plays games of different brands. Let’s consider and list his biggest wins.

  1. $187,500 on Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming

    Just recently, the gambler has beaten his own record. In May this year, he won almost $200,000 by reaching the round limit. The gambler started the game with a $15 bet and got 3 free spins. During the gameplay, he’s got multipliers, as well as Scatter and Wild symbols on the reels, which resulted in an instant growth of the jackpot. Finally, a series of winning combinations have led to reaching the max win of a single round.

  2. $27,000 on Primal Megaways by Blueprint

    The players entered the game with a $5 bet. He barely started the game and made 5 spins, but luck was waiting for too long. The 6th spin turned out to be the one to bring him a fortune. All the symbols on the plating field turned into Wild Tigers, which brought him huge multipliers.

  3. $20,485 on Queen of Riches by BTG

    The players betted $5 and started the game. The first rounds were not very fruitful. He gained just pennies. Yet, one of the spins was incredibly lucky and he hit an epic win. By the way, it was the second time when the slot gave him such a generous prize.

  4. $15.000 on Danger High Voltage by BTG

    Here, the streamer betted $20 and triggered the gameplay with 15 free spins. Right from the beginning, he got two rows of Wild symbols on the second and third reels. Thus, he quickly earned a huge sum and was lucky to leave the game.

  5. $10,640 on Dead or Alive 2 by NetEnt

    That was a long game session. The gambler spent 1 hour playing the slot. The bet size was $1.80. He had 11 free spins. During the 4th spin, he’s got another 5 extra spins. He was lucky to have multipliers and hit other features that significantly increased his profit. As a result, he won a big prize pool in just 16 spins. The streamer also won huge payouts in the Plinko slot machine. NickSlots plays at various online casinos and many of them accept cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the blogger often plays on BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC.


Although the gambler is open to his fan audience, very few facts are known about his personal life and family. He tries to keep his family far from his popularity. To begin with, Nick Preston is the real name of the streamer. He is the most famous and legendary player from the UK. He was born in Yorkshire. The gambler started to play slot machines when he was a teenager. It is known that he has a family. The most important names for him are Evelyn, Abigail, and Leanne. Followers believe that these are the names of his wife and children. Yet, he has neither denied nor approved thin info. The gambler used to play daily, but at the beginning of 2020, the player stopped his gambling and steaming activity. Many followers asked: “what happened to NickSlots”? The answer was simple. Long-lasting monotonous activities cause psychological burnout. Thus, everyone needs rest and a change in activities for a while. Thus, the streamer went on long vacations and returned recuperated and ready to entertain subscribers. Yet, since that time, he scheduled his activity for a 4-day streaming activity. Currently, NickSlots health has been under threat. With the rise of the Covid epidemic, the gambler caught the disease and paused his activity. He recovered, but the virus caused heart problems. So, he fought the disease for a long time. Fortunately, he got back to streaming and gambling a few months ago and has already managed to set new records.


Since fans know too little info about the gambler’s personal life, many users claim that the steamer is not real but just a casino project. They say that NickSlots fake accounts are prepaid and programmed. Yet, the player stays cool toward such rumors and continues his activity. After all, followers can observe him in his streams, which means that the person is real. Also, cooperation with online casinos does not leave gamblers indifferent. They try to convict the streamer of unfair or biased gambling. Yet, reality shows the opposite, and the player demonstrates his fair activity.


NickSlots is a legend of the streaming world. Back in 2016, he was one of the first gamblers who started streaming his gambling sessions. Due to a small competition in the sphere at that time, he gained immense popularity and got a huge audience of fans. He created fan accounts on the most popular social networks. Over years of the activity, he made a fortune on gambling and streaming. His worth is estimated at least $370,000 (it is more likely that the real income is twice more). Yet, the gambler is not greedy; he gives a great portion of earned funds to charity. Currently, he faced some problems with both health and psychological burnout, so his activity was on the decrease. Yet, all the problems stayed in the past, and the streamer is ready to return to his activity. This time, he scheduled his streaming time and is going to pay more attention to his private life. By the way, he does not distribute info about his private life and prefers to keep his family in a shadow.


The streamer is from Yorkshire, the UK. He has lived there since childhood until nowadays.
NickSlots is a famous gambler and streamer from the UK. He was fond of playing casino games and lately started to stream his game sessions. Thus, nowadays, he earns on streaming. Donations, sponsorship with online casinos and gambling platforms, advertising on YouTube and Twitch, and gambling are the main sources of income. He’s made a fortune on this activity.
There is no exact information about the streamer’s age on the Web. However, he looks like being about 30 years old.
The real name of the streamer with the “NickSlots” nickname is Nick Preston.
The height of the gambler is average. He is 6 feet 42 inches.