Full Bio of David Labowsky (Casino Streamer)

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Streaming is a popular kind of activity among modern gamblers. Yet, to gain popularity in this sphere, it is not enough to act or scream in front of the camera. Viewers appreciate real emotions, responsiveness, and showing your real personality. Thus, show-off players do not succeed in this activity. In this article, we’re going to consider the path of David Labowsky, a famous and successful casino streamer who currently lives in the Netherlands. We’ll find out the reasons for his popularity and track his road to success. On live broadcasts, the streamer entertains its viewers with vivid emotions and interesting games. If you love Plinko, Dice or other online casino games, then you will definitely enjoy this kind of content. You don’t need to spend your money for this. The blogger makes big bets and takes big risks.


This middle-aged dude started his path as a World of Warcraft player. Earlier, he was engaged in playing games. At that time, he came up with his nickname – David Labowsky. However, this is not his real name. While the streamer is known to fans as David, his real name is Hendrik. The 34-year broadcaster loves his activity and enjoys each stream. He can’t live without his audience of fans and feel excited meeting them online regularly. He has a streaming schedule, according to which he broadcasts almost daily, except Mondays. He dedicates 4 hours to streaming on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends. He streams from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, while on weekends, he broadcasts in the mornings (from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.). Anyway, an up-to-date schedule is published on his website. The player announces any changes on his social networks. In his streams, the gambler is always funny, friendly, and cheerful. He’s eager to communicate with his audience, does not feel restrained in expressing emotions, and does not mind sharing his strategies, and teaching fans to use his tactics. Many say that the gambler was born to be a public person since his charisma can’t leave anyone indifferent. His openness endears to followers.


Besides all the social networks, the player has his own website. There, the following information is found:
  • partnership and cooperation with online casinos;
  • affiliation programs with gambling platforms;
  • streaming on Twitch;
  • donations during broadcasts;
  • YouTube video monetization.
When streaming, gamblers play at particular online casinos. These are affiliating casinos. David tests gambling websites and picks the best one. He lists them and highlights the offered bonuses. Thus, by watching his broadcasts, newbies can select a suitable, trusted online casino. Also, fans noticed that the gambler quit streaming and lost connection with fans on social networks. They wondered what happened to David Labowsky. However, the most dedicated followers watched his last video with congratulations on Christmas, where the broadcaster said that he had to quit steaming. Note that nowadays, the streamer is inactive. He suspended his activity due to some problems with his health. He went on air before Christmas and announced about leaving the casino sphere for several months. Since that time, David hasn’t visited his accounts.


According to approximate estimates, David Labowsky net worth is about 55.000 euros. He gets hit revenues from the following types of activity:
  • partnership and cooperation with online casinos;
  • affiliation programs with gambling platforms;
  • streaming on Twitch;
  • donations during broadcasts;
  • YouTube video monetization.
Taken together, all these provisions give a worthy income to the player. Partnerships with online casinos and affiliate programs give a lion’s share of earnings. The streamer has a list of casinos to play at during live broadcasts. He promotes gambling platforms, and they pay for this. Moreover, the player reviews affiliated casinos on his website and describes promotions on these platforms. This activity gives about 35.000 euros. The next portion of the money is earned on Twitch. Here, several ways of profiting are provided. First of all, the broadcaster gets donations from viewers. Fans donate to support the player and encourage him to continue streaming. However, there are other ways to gain money on the platform. David gets a percentage from subscriptions bought by his fans. The platform gives 70% of the subscription cost to streamers, leaving just 30% for itself. Activity on Twitch adds another 13,000 euros to David’s worth. The last share of the broadcaster’s profit is gained on YouTube. He uploads his video and earns on monetization. Each view costs from 1 euro to 10 euros, depending on many factors, such as location, time, ads, etc. Since videos are watched by several thousand followers, the streamer gets at least 1,000 euros. This calculation is acute if we take 1 euro per view and consider that 1,000 users watch it. In practice, the figure is higher. Thus, YouTube brings another 7,000 euros. This number does not include his winnings from casino games. The gambler plays regularly. So, if you add winnings to the estimate, you’ll get a twice or even thrice bigger figure.


The broadcaster usually plays slot machines. He does not have a clear favorite among software brands and tries games from different providers. Over several years of streaming activity, the gambler has won thousands of dollars. Yet, not all game sessions were incredibly lucky. He lost as well. But here, let’s list the most significant and insane wins in his career.

  1. 26.622 euros on the Casino Zeppelin slot by Yggdrasil

    This is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with an RTP of 96%. The bet range varies from 0.01-100 euros. The game starts very plain. David enters the game with a 10-euro bet. First spins bring about 40-50 euros. The 8th spin grants 15 free spins. The first 7 spins bring 461 euros. During the 8th spin, the player wins another 5 extra spins. Here’s where a big game starts. The first spin after adding the second portion of extra spins adds 3214 euros to the gambler’s bankroll. The next one gives another 4550 euros. And so on. It seems incredible since each new spin gives no less than 2.500 euros as the prize. Totally, the player wins 26.622 euros during a series of 20 free spins multiplying his bet by x2662.

  2. 23.448 euros on the White Rabbit slot by BTG

    This is a high-volatility slot, which means that winning combinations rarely fall out on reels. Yet, David decides to take a risk. Here, the gambler streams with his friend. They broadcast from London. The player’s stake is just 2.5 euros. One of the first spins triggers a bonus game, and the player wins 15 free spins. During 13 spins, just 440 euros are won. The gambler wins another 6 free spins. Later, 9 spins more are granted. Closer to the end of the game, more and more generous awards are granted. Girls enter the stream. All guys are incredibly happy. Note that the game session is rather long; it lasts for 18 minutes. As a result, David wins 23.448 euros in 47 spins multiplying his bet by x4689. So, the path to such a big win is not instant.

  3. 15.548 euros on the Reactoonz slot by Play’n GO

    This is a 7-reel high-dispersion game that uses the mechanics of clusters pays. The slot has an RTP of 96.51%. This short-time session brings a big win. The streamer bets just 3 euros and starts the game. The first rounds do not seem too fruitful. Wins are average. The luck turns to the players from the 6th round. Here’s where he starts to gain huge sums. As a result, the broadcaster multiplies his initial bet by x5182.

  4. 7.042 euros on the Jammin Jars by Push Gaming

    Here’s another high-volatility game with “clusters pay” mechanics. The slot is characterized by an RTP of 96.83%, 8 reels, and the bet range being 0.20-100 euros. Here, the player bets 6 euros. He wins 6 spins during one of the first rounds. The first spins are not very profitable. Closer to the end of a free spin session, more significant prizes are gained. By the 6th spin, the player has got 3050 euros, and the last spin multiplies the whole win more than twice. The only 6th spin gives almost 4.000 euros. Here, the streamer multiplies the bet by x1177.

  5. 2.175 euros on the Primal Megaways slot by Blueprint

    This is a high-dispersion slot with 6 lines, 46566 paylines, and an RTP of 96,76%. The gambler enters the game with a 5-euro bet. This time, luck is on the side of the player since David hits 2.175 euros right from the 1st spin. This is gonna be an epic one-spin win for the gambler. As you see, David is not a high roller. He does not make huge bets and prefers to play by making small bets. Yet, he likes risk and frequently chooses high-volatility slots to dare luck and win huge jackpots. The streamer uses different currencies. However, for your convenience, all major payouts are set in euros. In most cases, the blogger replenishes the balance in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin, Litecoin and another.

In addition to these three big payouts, Classybeef often gets smaller payouts. For the streamer and their viewers, these rewards are a great way to have fun checking the time. Users note that, together with the blogger, they are worried about the result. Of greater interest is the fact that Classybeef plays with its own wins-classbeef and replenishes the balance in cryptocurrency:


The streamer is not afraid of showing his private life to followers. He’s open to subscribers and frequently posts photos and videos. This 34-year bearded man is married. David Labowsky wife is named Saar. She’s about 30 years old. Together, they travel, have fun, enjoy living, and hang out. The player frequently shows content with his friends. He uploads photos from bars, pubs, and clubs, where they have rest. Note that sometimes David broadcasts with his friends.


Some ill-wishers claim that David Labowsky fake money is used for his streaming activity. Yet, this fact is debunked since the player shows his profile. Also, he sometimes tells about the difficulties in the banking system of the Netherlands, which he faces when withdrawing funds. This proves that his activity is not sponsored by online casinos. Thus, his money is real. Another portion of rumors is connected to David Labowsky health. Since he didn’t clearly mention what exactly happened to him, fans try to guess and create different versions. In his last video, the gambler said that he was too busy and tired of hustles and routines. This entailed some problems with health. Yet, he didn’t say how serious they were. The player mentioned that the recovery period would take several months but he promised to come back soon.


David Labowsky was a promising and successful streamer. His charisma helped him to win the hearts of thousands of gamblers around the world. Followers watched his broadcasts to master new skills, cheer for their favorite player, and feel the excitement. Fortunately, the gambler had to take the decision to stop his streaming activity for a while. Currently, he’s been absent on his account for over 8 months. In his last record, he said that he had left to recover. His fans hope the broadcaster will return someday and continue streaming.


Originally, the streamer was born in Norway. Lately, this Norwegian Viking moved to the Netherlands where he has lived until now.
David started his online activity as a World of Warcraft player. He was excited about playing computer games. Lately, he switched to online gambling and started to play slot machines. Even later, he discovered the world of streaming. So, he made his wealth on gambling and broadcasting.
David Labowsky is 34 years old.
David Labowsky real name is Hendrik. Yet, he decided to leave his nickname used to play Warcraft many years ago.
The exact height of the player is not known officially. Yet, judging visually, he seems to be almost 7 feet tall. So, the player is really tall.