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Streaming is a popular way to entertain nowadays. For fans, it is an excellent opportunity to cheer up for favorite players and master new skills. For gamblers, streaming is the way to earn money while having fun and entertaining viewers. Here, we’re going to consider a young streaming group that has already managed to win the hearts of thousands of fans. So, let’s have a deeper look at the streamer activity.


First of all, note that two friends play under the “RnP casino” nickname. They always stream together. They have nicknames. Simon is known to the Internet community as “Dip”, and Jonas is known among fans as “Rip”. The team is rather young. Guys started streaming just in 2019. Yet, their streams gather thousands of viewers from different parts of the world. Jonas and Simon are charismatic gamblers; thus, fans like to observe their reaction to insane wins.


Streamers have a website where they promote particular casinos. They have wide expertise in gambling. Due to a great experience of playing at various online casinos, they know the subtleties of gambling websites and can recommend the most reputable and trustworthy websites. Also, they offer promo codes on bonuses for playing at affiliating casinos. Here, the RnP casino forum is also provided where gamblers can chat with other players, leave feedback on casinos and other gambling aspects, and clarify questions.


If compared to other streamers, the RnP casino net worth is not as big. Some fans claim that this was the reason to quit steaming. Yet, like other streamers, guys used Twitch and YouTube for making money on streaming gambling sessions. Twitch was the most profitable platform until it was banned. Boys earned money on donations during streams, casino affiliation, and sponsorship. The size of donations ranged from 1 to 100 euros. To draw the attention of gamblers, viewers donated 10 euros on average. Taking into account that over 2 thousand users watched their streams, they could gain up to 10,000 euros. But to be more realistic, not all fans donate, so let’s say that 5,000 euros were gained. Additionally, they got a percentage (70%) from subscriptions bought by their fans. It is estimated that streamers earned about 30,000 euros per month. YouTube was the second platform for earning funds. All recorded streams were uploaded on their YouTube channel for monetization. So, friends got money for each view of monetized videos. One video costs about 1 euro. Videos usually took about 2,8 thousand views. Thus, streamers earned 2,800 euros per video. So, according to approximate estimates, guys earned about 32,800 euros. However, these were rather moderate estimates. Moreover, streamers were newbies in the streaming industry and managed to earn such sums in just a few years. Additionally to the streaming activity, they affiliated with online casinos and won prizes at casinos. So, their total worth was about 60,000-70,000 euros monthly.


Gamblers are not high rollers. Their bankroll totals no more than 1,000 euros. In most cases, they deposit about 200-400 euros. They play games from different software providers, including Dice and Plinko. Although they have several affiliated online platforms, most games are streamed when they play at !7SIGNS casino. Let’s analyze the most epic wins of Rip and Dip.

  1. 48,971 euros on Jammin Jars by Push Gaming

    Friends have 6 free spins. They make a 6-euro bet and start the game. First spins give rather moderate prizes, while the 5th one rewards gamblers with a real jackpot. Thus, they multiply their bet by 8161x. The game session lasts just 4 minutes. While friends are usually rather moderate and do not express emotions too vividly, here, they can’t control themselves. It’s clear that they are incredibly happy.

  2. 23,431 euros on Lil Devil by BTG

    Streamers bet just 4 euros and choose 7 free spins as a bonus. During the 5th spin, they win another 3 spins. Then, another 3 spins are won. Players think that the game session will end with a few euros in their pockets but fate makes a surprise. The last two spins come to be very profitable and allow multiplying the initial bet by 5857x.

  3. 7,025 euros on Big Bass Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

    Guys bet 25 euros and win 10 free spins. During a series of extra spins, they earn 1,100 euros. Another 10 spins are bought, during which 2,600 euros are added to the winning bankroll. The 3rd series of spins is got. Thus, players earn over 7,000 euros in just 4 minutes.

  4. 4,025 euros on Punk Rocker by NoLimit City

    The game session lasts for just 5 minutes. Friends enter the game with a 2-euro bet. They win 8 free spins. The 4th spin brings them 153 euros. The 5th spin turns out to be a lucky one. Gamblers get a series of multipliers. As a result, they earn 3614 euros in one spin. Thus, they multiply their bet by 2012x.

  5. 2,622 euros on Wild West by Pragmatic Play

    Steamers win 8 free spins and make a 5-euro bet. The first round is not very lucky. They win just 12 euros and get another 8 spins. This is where luck is waiting for them. They win over 2,000 euros during the last 2 spins. In most cases, gamblers play with 2-, 4-, or 5-euro bets. Streamers do not bet more than 10 euros. This is one of the key principles of their gambling strategies. Newbies master it during streams and try it further at their casinos. Rip and Dip always use resources, so the emotions of spending more are not rigged. spend the whole streamer independently replenishes the balance in the casino, for example, in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, DOGE or LTC. In some cases, bloggers credit money to the account, but they can be withdrawn absolutely without restrictions.


Friends are very social and open to their fans. They do not try to hide their private lives. They post all sorts of content on the Instagram page. There, fans can find their tattoos, computers, a steaming studio, etc. Gamblers regularly get in touch with followers and show how they have rest, where they travel, etc. Yet, as for their families, girlfriends, or children, here, everything is kept a secret. Most fans say that they are not married and do not have children. Still, stories with girls sometimes appear on their Instagram profile.


You’ve probably noticed that nowadays, streamers are inactive. They do not visit their accounts. Fans ask what happened to RnP casino. However, no one knows the answer. It is known that their Twitch account was blocked because of RnP casino ban. Yet, the ban was temporary. Fans expected that they would come later. But, players have disappeared since that time. Some people claimed that they expected to get more profit from the streaming activity. Compared to other steamers, friends wanted to earn more money. Yet, the ban on Twitch was the last drop.


Jonas and Simon are cool guys. They had all chances to gain great popularity in streaming. They earn good money and could gain even more. Yet, a nasty ban spoiled their career and excitement; as a result, they decided to stop the gambling activity and simply disappeared from their social networks. Their fans were disappointed with their decision to quit streaming. Nowadays, nothing is known about the current activity and life of both players. Guys are cheerful and sociable. Fans like to follow their reaction and cheer for them. Friends do not mind sharing info about their everyday lives, posting photos and stories on Instagram.


Both guys are from Sweden, but currently, they live in Malta and enjoy their lives.
Friends make their money by affiliating online casinos and streaming gambling sessions. They are tightly connected with the gambling activity and earn in this sphere.
Their exact age is not indicated anywhere. Judging by their appearance, they are of middle age. Jonas is about 35 years old, while Simon looks younger. Visually, Dip is about 28-30 years.
Two gamblers stream under the “RnP casino” nickname. Jonas aka Rip and Simon aka Dip.
Streamers violated the Privacy Policy of Twitch and were banned for a couple of months. Yet, over this period, they changed their minds and decided to stop streaming. Thus, nowadays their accounts on social networks are non-active. The last publications were made over a year ago.