Brief History of Game

The first and foremost thing you need to know is this: it was Bob Barker who introduced this game.

January 3, 1983, is thought to be the start of Plinko. At that time, contestants fought for $25000, and actually, it was the first game on TPIR (The Price Is Right, a game show) that suggested so much money for the participants. As for the name, it is actually fun to reveal the way it was introduced to the public. The matter is that the chips make a certain noise when bouncing from peg to peg (“plink, plink, plink”). Rather logical for casino Plinko stuff too, right?

Types of Plinko

There are a few forms of Plinko game (online casino). Here they are:

  • BGaming;
  • Stake;
  • Spribe.

You are going to face from eight to sixteen lines in the first and the second ones; as for the third version, there are twelve, fourteen, or sixteen of them.

Own Software Plinko

The most marvellous Plinko online gambling resource with its soft is It is a Plinko crypto casino that was established in 2017. Study this list to learn about the software that exists there:

Red Tiger Elk Studios Pragmatic Play Nolimit City Thunderkick Playtech Quickspin Play’n GO

As you can see, there are quite a few ones to select from. Every player is going to find something he feels great about. It is also important that users review this casino in a positive way and basically, they don’t find any disadvantages there. So, join it today, and you won’t complain!

Spribe Plinko

Plinko ball casino options (the Spribe ones) are going to provide you with a lot of pleasure. The ones rated by the players as the most reliable and cool are Fairspin and Cloudbet (this is just awesome as long as you have a chance to get 5 BTC and 140 free spins as a welcome bonus).

This option is about giving a participant an opportunity to pick which colored box and respective multiplier the ball will stop at. Red has the widest range and Green multiplicator is lower (note that odds of winning are more relevant though).

BGaming Plinko

Feel free to play the Plinko casino game online (BGaming version) here:

All of the platforms are just perfect. Note that the BGaming kind is about to suggest auto mode (same thing for Spribe). Thanks to it, you can see the endless fall of numerous balls. Quite a fun stuff to observe by the way! The only thing to keep in mind is that it can gain really quickly (every ball is a bet).

Also, in the BGaming version, you are free to set the Risk Level.

Guide for Plinko

Plinko casino game (free) is both a great way to experience immense fun and make decent money. We bet that most of you are interested in gaining a lot of BTC, so, you have such a chance!


Well, once you launch Plinko for the first time, you will get to see a pyramid of pins. A launched ball is going to fall through its upper part. It will tumble down the maze with the track diverted by the pins, and will get in a colored box. This is what is going to determine the payout you will experience.

To begin playing, you should place a bet first. For instance, at the minimum one can be as small as possible. After this, it is vital to determine the amount of pins (it is linked to the number of lines). As we have already mentioned, it is from eight to sixteen in BGaming and Stake and 12,14, or 16 in Spribe).

The amount of lines correlates with the pins. However, the bigger amount of them you are facing, the more difficult it is to win.

When you deal with Spribe Plinko, keep info about the Red and Green multipliers (these are lower). Do not forget about a multiplier above 1!

As for the Stake Originals Plinko, some users find it a bit hard to play. Nonetheless, once you start getting involved in it, it will be pretty much impossible to stop! Try it and see yourself! If you are thinking about participating using some other crypto apart from the BTC, Stake Originals is going to be a great choice.

Don’t be afraid that you will have trouble figuring out how to play. A bit of practice, and you’ll receive your first wins!

Real money play

If you want to play Plinko, then a crypto casino is a great option. In such brands, users will be able to pay a deposit through Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dogecoin, Litecoin and BNB. It is much more convenient, and the transaction processing speed will take a minimum amount of time.

bitcoin etherum USDT Dogecoin Litecoin BNB


Other Plinko Functions

Plinko game at casino is about the following features:

  • Auto Mode;
  • Risk Level;
  • Provably Fair Game.

Each one is rather cool and adds even more excitement to the gameplay. We will cover all of them below.

Pay attention that the bonus rounds are absent!

Auto Mode

When you visit the best Plinko casino games sites, you obtain the chance to experience such a feature. Take into account that it is applicable to Spribe and BGaming types.

Auto mode is about observing the slumping of the flow of balls. In Spribe, you may decide what color of the balls you are interested in (one or all three).

As for the BGaming version, you are free to choose the number of bets (balls). The smallest amount is 10 and the maximum can reach 1000. Apply “Stop” if you want to cease the feature described.

Risk Level

When you deal with the BGaming kind, you may set such a feature. It can be low, normal, or high. The winnings are going to be the most relevant when you set a high one.

There is no such setting if you make a decision to stick to Spribe. Nonetheless, there is an equivalent to it as long as the colors come with various multipliers. The most minor risk is represented by Green, Yellow stands for medium and Red means the highest risk. As for the winnings, things are just the same here when compared to BGaming Plinko casino gambling.

Provably Fair Game

Everyone who takes part in this activity is thinking of Plinko casino game real money. So, we have awesome news for you! Today, you have a chance to test how fair this fun is.

Such an opportunity is given to you and this is what a Provably Fair Game means. You will be suggested a code (it is called a hash) that can help you to verify the trustworthiness on the blockchain. Can you imagine how cool is this? Well, go ahead and see what it is all about then!

Mobile Version

Plinko casino game (real money) is a kind of fun you can take part in using your mobile device. And, there is no need to download the application! This is what the players appreciate a lot today. All you should do is enter the crypto casino and go ahead enjoying Plinko!


Nothing can stop you from playing using your Android gadget. Just select one of the casinos to join, open the browser on your device, and start to get involved in the game you wanted to play so bad!


Being involved in Plinko on your Apple gadget is also possible. Same thing here: no app is necessary. Everything is accessible right in the browser. So, what are you waiting for then? We bet that the game is going to load just perfectly on your iOS device!

Mobile Browser

We have already mentioned that the players do not have to make any extra effort at all. The matter is that Plinko is accessible as an HTML5 version at one of the crypto casinos we have listed in our article. It means that you are extremely close to having a lot of fun!

Pros & Cons

Here are the positives of Plinko:

  • Anyone can play this game. No matter how old you are, you are going to be able to deal with what it is all about;
  • Also, the game will be fine for those who are used to big bets and just the beginners;
  • It is rather exciting to get engaged in Plinko.

As for the negatives, look at them here:

  • If you are a fan of strategic gambling, you might not fall in love with Plinko;
  • As long as this game is about repetitiveness, the users may get bored after a while.


Now, we are ready to conclude everything we have mentioned in our material.

All in all, Plinko will bring you a lot of pleasure and you will surely not complain about making a decision to get involved in it. What is more, it is a kind of fun that is able to make you rich!

It will be especially fun to participate for those who are used to dealing with BTC. The great thing is that the minimum bet at Stake casino can be as small as you want it to be.

As for the variety, it is rather cool that you can stick to either of three versions of the game. It gives you a certain freedom of choice and it is hard to underestimate the importance of this.

Plinko can be an awesome alternative for those fans of slot machines who want to diversify their gameplay. Auto mode is one of the cool features you can stick to when playing it. Also, those who worry about trustworthiness, can verify the unit on the blockchain. It adds some extra confidence.

All of this means that it’s better not to postpone such a wonderful activity as playing Plinko!

Questions & Answers

Question 1

  • What Risk Level should I start from?

Well, it depends on what kind of bettor you are. The high level is going to be awesome for the high-rollers. If you are a beginner, do not place too great bets.

Question 2

  • Can I participate in Plinko free of charge?

Sure! All you need to do is pick the demo mode at one of the crypto casinos. Then, you can enjoy the gameplay without paying any BTC! Isn’t it the experience of your dream?

Question 3

  • Does the game load fast on the mobile device?

Actually, everything depends on the condition of your gadget and the stability of the Internet connections. If everything is okay with these two parameters, you will be okay! No trouble should take place along the gameplay. Hope you enjoy it!

Plinko casino game keeps gaining popularity today. If you have already heard of it but want to get more thorough info and vital peculiarities, then, join us and read what we have prepared for you here. We are going to be as specific as possible!