FaisSpin Token (FST) – an innovation in the casino world


FairSpin Casino is a trusted casino brand that has been around for a long time and periodically adds new features to its arsenal. Now you have your own token , which was developed together with Trueplay . The cryptocurrency is expected to encourage people to play on the site and hold the token to earn.


The price of TFS varies from $0.004100 to $0.005550. However, some time ago, the current cost was $0.001550. This shows that the project is interesting to users, and they are ready to invest in it. The developers regulate the emission and try to keep a balance so that the current holders do not experience serious problems in connection with the release of new coins on the market.

The project was launched in 2021, and already now you have TFS on DEX and many other achievements that the developers have worked hard towards . On the official website, you can view the roadmap of the token in order to study the whole history and future prospects. The developers say that the following updates are coming soon:

  • The coin will appear in MetaMask;
  • NFTs will appear;
  • Widget for Pages;
  • Referral program and more.